About Us

About Us

Through targeted action, empowerment and informed insight we aim to spread better understanding of different faiths and cultures and and actively challenge negative perceptions to decrease occurrences of hate crime. We also offer guidance on dealing with and challenging hate crime with the aim of reducing it through community action and awareness.

Why do We Stand United?

We are an independent, grassroots project that was established not only to take reports of hatred, but to develop effective counter narrative projects and initiatives. We believe that discussion isn’t going to be enough to challenge and combat hate-crime – words alone can’t bring change. It’s only through showing and demonstrating the numerous positive contributions minority groups are making up and down the country and internationally that we can bring people together.

This is why we focus on proactively challenging perceptions. We don’t just talk, we act – sharing positive stories, encouraging communities to directly engage with one another and proving propaganda which encourages and fuels hate crime wrong.

Our pledge

We are very clear about what we aim to do, and how we aim to do it. Read more about our Aims & Objectives here.