Aims And Objectives

Aims & Objectives

We Stand United was conceived to proactively combat hate crime in all forms. We are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives – which is why our firm, focused goals are designed to effectively bring change – and help everyone who engages with us to understand what they can expect from us.

We promote tolerance of all whilst showing absolute intolerance to any kind of hatred, xenophobia or racism. We promise to always follow the directives laid out in our pledge, to support everyone who contacts us for assistance, and ultimately to make a difference.

Our pledge

We will encourage social action

We will actively implement stepping stones to change, replacing old directives and ineffective schemes with fresh, positive and powerful alternatives.

We will motivate and empower

We want to give victims of hate crime and supporters of tolerance and togetherness a powerful voice. This involves providing with the tools to share their stories and engage with others as well as dynamically promoting the activity of others.

We will develop projects & initiatives

We Stand United was created to provide a proactive platform for those against hate crime – to provide solid solutions through targeted activity. This is why we highlight positive stories and campaigns – and the projects and initiatives we develop and promote are an important part of what we do.

We will influence policy and deal with social injustices and inequalities on a society-wide level

We’re a grass roots organisation with big ambitions. We recognise that systematic racism is often behind the misconceptions and misunderstandings which fuel hate crime – so we aim to take our findings and activity to parliament to implement change at the highest levels. We will work in partnership with academics, third sector and public sector organisations to help bring change. We will also share what we learn with others so that other organisations can work cohesively with us to further promote our shared cause.

We will educate and engage communities

Education is the key to acceptance. Through community work we aim to spread an accurate perception of faith and culture and introduce a fresh narrative to change the opinions of young and old. In turn we hope to encourage communities to live and work together more effectively.

We will lead by example

We don’t expect to bring about change through adopting the low-level tactics of the opposition we face. Instead we lead by example, ensuring that the action we take is always productive, peaceful and positive. You can always expect honesty, integrity and perseverance from We Stand United.

We will challenge hatred wherever it exists and support victims

We’re passionate about making a difference – and we are determined to make a change in society. We will never tolerate any instance of hate crime – and we will actively combat hate crime through targeted initiatives in the community, in our education system and in parliament to promote tolerance, togetherness and a better perception of our faith. We will not give up.

We also offer a strong support network to help victims, working together with other organisations to enable them to share their story and feel safer and stronger.

To find out more about us or get in touch to enquire further about We Stand United and what we do please take a look at our About Us page.