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A crucial part of our work is highlighting and recognising the positive contribution minority groups who suffer from hate crime are making in the UK. We want to close the divide and counter the persistent narrative of negativity and fear perpetuated by biased propaganda. Minority groups do wonderful things every single day – and consistently and openly being able to share your inspiring stories of hope and togetherness is an incredibly important aspect of our campaign to challenge negative perceptions.


Share your story

Your submissions are vital – without them, it’s impossible for us to cover many of the positive contribution individuals and groups make each day up and down the country. You can tell us about something you have participated in yourself, or share the actions of a relative, friend or group. Please send all stories (however small) to (preferred email address), including the following details:


  • What did you do? Was it a charitable event, an act of goodwill or a community effort?
  • Why is this such a positive story? What positive effect has this had on the individual or people involved?
  • How does this dispel common misconceptions about your culture, race or ethnic background?
  • Does this demonstrate working together with other community groups?


Media and press

If you would like to contact us for a press release or further details on any story shared on this page please email info@westandunited.co.uk with ‘Media Request’ in the subject line.


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