Your Experiences

stories are incredibly powerful. People respond emotionally to real experiences – with anger, sadness, disbelief. Raw truths evoke sympathy and increase understanding – challenging perspectives and any false beliefs readers may previously have held. This is why we encourage anyone who has been a victim of hate crime to share their story with us.


We want to highlight the very real issue of hate crime on our streets and tackle the stigma against those experiencing racism and xenophobia.

We want people to read your experience and ask:
What could I have done?
Would I have stepped in?
How can we stop this together?

Your stories shape the future – and together we can stand against hate crime.

About your experiences

This section is dedicated to sharing the experiences of victims of hate crime in an honest, productive and compelling way. The stories you’ll read here are 100% real, and so are the ways in which they’ve affected the people who have experienced them. We hope that by collecting, documenting and sharing instances of hate crime in this way (however small) we can support victims whilst opening a powerful narrative on hate crime which makes this incredibly important issue impossible to ignore.


Share your experience

We encourage anyone who has experienced hate crime to come forward and share their story with us. We welcome all accounts and experiences from all faiths, cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. This is a safe space – you’ll never be judged, and your account will always be protected. You can make your valuable contribution anonymously – and we can alter dates and locations to protect your identity. Although we understand that it’s often difficult to recount a traumatic experience, we also know that only through sharing these instances can we promote togetherness and raise awareness.

If you’d like to share your story with us please send it to: You’ll need to include the following:

    • When and where it happened
    • What happened (what was said and done?)
    • How it affected you then and now – what impact has this had on your life?
    • Reactions from people around you (if you weren’t alone)
    • Details of police involvement (if applicable)
    • Reactions from family and friends
    • One positive message or general key point you’d like readers to take away from your experience


Recent experiences….